Artistic statement

I’m a lace artist whose philosophy is to see lace not just as a tangible artifact but as a representation of absence, a space where imagination and reality interweave. My art transcends traditional boundaries, embodying a fusion of cultural heritage and forward-thinking creativity. Rooted in the rich lace making tradition of Rauma, I endeavor to push the limits of this age-old craft, integrating unconventional materials and themes into my lacework.

My work is an exploration of the contrasts and connections between the tangible and intangible, the historical and the contemporary. I see lace as a medium that not only reflects our cultural heritage but also challenges our perceptions of art, sustainability, and existence itself. In my creations, I strive to blend the meticulous skill of traditional lace making with a bold, innovative spirit, inviting viewers to see lace in a new light.

As an educator and researcher, I am committed to sharing the knowledge and passion for this craft, ensuring its continued relevance and evolution in the modern world. My artistic journey is one of constant learning, experimenting, and pushing the boundaries of what lace can represent, both as a craft and as a medium for artistic expression.