Lacemaker statue

The idea to build a statue in honour of the lacemakers of Rauma was born already in the 1950s, but the actual statue project only officially began in 1973, at the initiative of the City Council. The sculpture was erected on 25th July 1976 as a tribute to the work of the lacemakers of Rauma.

The sculptor Kauko Räike depicted a woman making bobbin lace called Spindelnatto. Even though the statue is quite realistic the sculptor took liberty in the scale of lace. The particular lace in question is typically made of thin thread which would be impossible to cast in bronze. So the lace is enlarged approximately 5 times compared to the ordinary size.

The Lacemaker statue is an essential part of the Rauma Lace Week which is held since 1971. The nine-day festival is opened and closed in Helsinki Square in the Old Town.

The Lace Week is a versatile summer event for the whole family. The city festival includes traditions combined with local culture and modern festival vibes. The nine festival days in July are full of things to see, do and wonder. Most of the program is free of charge and suitable for all ages.

The interesting fact in the statue is that the artist either took artistic liberty or made a minor mistake with the bobbins. Firstly, any lacemaker can notice that the lacemaker is holding only one bobbin in each hand. In any ordinary case there would be a pair in each hand.

Secondly, if one counts the pairs and then compares it to the number of threads in the Spindelnatto lace, it is quite easy to notice that the lacemaker is lacking two bobbins. This is in a way easy to understand due to the lacemaker lacking a bobbin in each hand. One plus one missing equals two missing.