I designed a series of laser cutted laces made of Finnish birch plywood for interior design. Currently the Mandeljepyri series holds three models: Kulma, Kaari and Kehä (in English the names are Angle, Curve and Ring). They are treated with graphite gray stain. These products are both designed and made in Rauma, Finland. They are sold in the interior design shop Kodinonni.

Mandeljepyri Kulma (Angle) and Kaari (Curve). You can put them on a wall or use as you wish, even as a coaster.
Graphite gray stain keeps the birch wood grains visible and gives a beautiful look to the wood laces.
Kehä (Ring) is sold without a mirror, but it can be upgraded to have such. The Rauma city uses the Kehä as modern tableclothes. Again it is up to one’s imagination how to use these.

First I made a real bobbin lace sample which I then digitalized. From that image I designed the products. This is my common procedure for laser cutted wood laces.
The making of the sample lace.