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No matter if it is for interior or exterior design, if it concerns lace then I'm your man! Curtains, light projections, wall paintings, wooden decorative objects and anything you can imagine.


Lace for clothing and accessories, decorations for hair and jewellery. Clothing especially I do in cooperation with talented costume designers.


Portraits in 2D, reliefs in 3D, installations both abstract and concrete, graffitis, light art etc. 
so, one might wonder...

Who is Tarmo?

In short, Tarmo is a master craftsperson, bobbin lace maker, teacher and visual artist. He works in the University of Turku as a craft education lecturer. By nature he is very curious in all aspects of life and hence he wants to understands things he confronts. This was the reason in involving him in bobbin lace making in 2005 when he met a master lace maker Impi Alanko. This meeting started an avalance in the versatility of bobbin lace.